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" In assessing potential builders for the project, I met with Peter Ginns and was impressed with which were considerably more detailed and well-considered than the other proposals.Originally I had wanted to renovate the old home and live in it whilst I built the extension. Peter quoted on my original requirement but Council requirements dictated a different story and so Peter had to requote for the complete renovation and rebuild of the new extension. This required considerable time and effort from Peter in checking various council planning controls and he did this with the utmost efficiency. Any queries I had he was fully versed in and able to advise me accordingly.

s quotes were the most accurate and detailed I had ever seen. Nothing was left to chance.To me this said a lot about his sound business management and ethical conduct. I had a number of quotes from various builders some only a page or two long, but Pete provided an extensive
and detailed quote with nothing left to chance. Peter went above and beyond anything I asked of him, spending many hours searching for goods and then obtaining various quotes to get the best possible outcome for my home.

From the day the job started there was always a foreman on site. The site was always immaculate with the guys cleaning up at the end of the day. Through this I see a pride of work which s pride in their own home building experience. Peter has a very capable and effective team. He has a wonderful relationship with his staff - be it foreman or apprentice - with mutual respect shown and with Peter always encouraging career development. The guys hold him in very high regard and do their best to please him. This equates to a very high standard of work and follows through to his subcontractors and his relationships with them. They were all easy to deal with, professional and prepared to spend time getting it right. Peter obviously chooses to work with subcontractors that are cut from the same cloth and are professional, caring and prepared to spend the time to get the same result.

s enthusiasm is infectious, from the concrete pour to him being on tools finishing the roof in 35-degree heat. On the day of the pour my family and I arrived excitedly at 6.30am to find Pete with all the trades ready to go. The truck pulled in at 6.50am and the concrete was poured
on the dot of 7.00 am. Peter was always available to meet on site and was always cheerful and able to fully explain in great depth any of my questions. He has exceptional client service. He takes enormous pride in his work and really loves what he does. Consequently, the quality is second to none. Peter held weekly meetings with me which I looked forward to as he clearly outlined what work would be undertaken in the coming week and I excitedly inspected what had been done in the previous week.

During the build, on two different occasions, I became incapacitated with a major illness. I was preoccupied with getting myself back on track but also concerned at the effect this would have on Pete and the build. Due to the fact that Pete had come to know me so well, he sourced many
of the items needed and presented me with his findings - the exact items I had expressed interest in at earlier meetings. He saved me much heartache and many hours of research. I could never express my gratitude for all the work he did.

Peter is not just a builder, he loves to be hands on but he is a brilliant project manager as well as a superb communicator and problem solver. He is passionate about his work and is extremely s performance and the finished quality of my home far exceeded
my expectations and I would recommend Peter to anyone who is planning to build or renovate. s work is second to none. He is completely trustworthy, honest ethical and professional

Dianne, Gladesville  March 2016

" Based on a high recommendation by our architect, we hired Peter to renovate our inner west home in Sydney.  It is a complicated, challenging project that involved the demolition of the entire house (a small 2 bedroom workers cottage) with the exception of the circa 1900 façade and the construction of a modern two-storey house.The challenges on this project are many and varied, including the need to work on a 260sqm sloping block in a built up area with very poor site access, building within the guidelines of the CDC / SEPP and managing the entire project via Skype (we live in Rome).As well as producing quality work, Peter and his team go out of their way to make the process as painless as possible for us and our neighbours.  They are unfailingly polite, helpful and pleasant to deal with.  The project has been meticulously planned and executed to date.  Peter was involved in the planning process along with our architect and has provided many practical insights that have enabled us to maximize our living space whilst keeping the cost within us the practical information required to make an informed decision. His management of the finer points of being a builder contractor are what truly set him apart from other builders.  His management of the team, the cleanliness of the site, the care and respect provided to our neighbours and the pride in which he takes in his work.

We are currently half way through the project and could not be happier with the progress and quality of the work to date.  Despite the fact that we are so far away, we have every confidence that our home is in very good hands with Peter and his team and that the end result will be truly amazing".

Peter and Samantha, Leichhardt March 2016


" Peter Ginns and his team at Genuine Building Services renovated my home on a narrow inner city block in Alexandria.

Peter has assembled a capable and effective team both on and off site. The on site team have risen to the challenges of a constrained site and detailed programme, while the back office team have managed all the paper work and organisational tasks. Peter leads and links these teams through effective management skills.

Peter is an experienced builder and has built many houses. A key point for me was the fact that he has dealt with all the issues that come with building on a constrained and tight inner city site. I first became aware of his work through a renovation in a neighbouring street which I passed on my daily commute to the Railway Station. I witnessed the complete build and was impressed with how organised and clean they were compared to the other renovations occurring nearby. This all occurred whilst my Architect and I were in the planning and design stages of my renovation, and I asked my Architect to obtain a quote from Peter. His quote was very detailed and comprehensive, and it was apparent that he had a lot of experience in building in the inner city. It was an easy decision to go with Peter.

It was important for me that the builder selected, could work effectively with an Architect. I was aware through the abovementioned build that Peter was working with a well known and high profile Architect, Andrew Burns, who I was already aware of before becoming aware of Peter. In actual fact, it was one of the main reasons for me taking notice of Peter and the build located near my home. Even though this is their first build together, Peter and his team have worked together with my Architect, and they have communicated effectively and worked collaboratively to solve all the architectural and building details relating to the renovation.

We had weekly site meetings and I felt involved and understood. I trusted both Peter and my Architect and it was a positive experience. As the build progressed many decisions have had to be made. Peter and my Architect made me aware of the decisions, options and costing in a timely manner. On a number of occasions Peter has taken me and/or my Architect to previous builds to give us ideas to help make a decision. This has not only demonstrated the craftsmanship of his past work, but also the good relationships he has developed with previous clients who have been more than happy to allow Peter into their homes to show a current client his past work.

Peter is well connected in the building industry and has many contacts. This is a very important aspect for a builder. He is able to provide quotes and specialised trades people in a competitive manner. He has assembled a team of trades people that he can draw upon as needed, which can be coordinated and programmed to complete their tasks to a high standard in a timely manner. When fronted with a task that is not that common (example: Zinc External Cladding) he has been able to source and work effectively with a new and specialised trades.

Peter is a modern Builder. He uses all the technology that can assist him in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. He has a web site for effective promotion. He and his Team use email and phone (voice and text) very effectively and I feel up to date and aware of all aspects of the build I need to be.

Finally, I see Peter enjoying what he does and he thrives on a challenge. It has been a pleasure to deal with Peter and Genuine Building Services."

 Geoff, Alexandria, March 2015

" The project was a joy with the nicest, most appreciative, creatively minded client anyone could ask for, and a highly professional accommodating builder interested in new ideas, problem solving and getting it right".

Kerry McGrath, Architect, April 2015

 " Some businesses do not live up to their names - but with Genuine Building what we received, truly was.  We got three quotes for the renovation of our semi. Pete's was detailed and thorough. It was presented and broken down to us at a time that suited us.  All questions answered with knowledge and precision.  What we were looking for was a service with integrity, a job that would take the time estimated and come in close to the quote.  I can't even recall the amount of people who told us we were dreaming.  You can't have it all, they said.  Just hope for a good job, get a loan, add 6 months to the time line and never expect them to be where they said they would be.  What a shocking testament to current builders...but we didn't have to worry about any of that.  Pete set realistic goals and managed our expectations accordingly.  He gave sage advice, modern and practical suggestions, whilst never skimping on craftsmanship and always taking responsibility.  He was very available, even to first time fanatic renovators like us - walking us through the finer details of steps in the process.  When we were "handed" our home, we knew he was going to be there for our questions, and over a year later, he still is.  We love our home and are always thankful we chose Genuine Building Services".  

Natalie and John Paul, Bondi, March 2015

" We feel so lucky to have found Pete and his team at GBS to complete our renovations in 2013.As with many inner city terraces, our house included the  challenges of working in confined area on a small block with limited access and close neighbours on both sides.  Pete and his team dealt with this admirably and we even managed to continue living in the front of the house.Pete listened to what we wanted, provided feasible alternatives for cost savings and difficult technical issues, always responded to our questions and problems promptly and won over all our neighbours with his and the teams friendly interactions and consideration (quite a feat).Our weekly meetings keep us up to date on progress and costs, and any delays due to weather etc.  He managed his team and sub-contractors in a timely and efficient way so the appropriate trades were around when needed making the whole process run smoothly with no downtime. Nearly two years on we are still thrilled with the finished product.  It has really enhanced our house, stamping it as our home and continues to bring a smile to our faces".

Kate and Johnathan, Alexandria, March 2015 

"We’ve recently moved into our new home built by Peter and the Genuine Building Services team. We bought our 100 year old house as a deceased estate in Lilyfield and Peter’s job was essentially a complete refurbishment and rebuild.
Peter impressed us from the outset. He had been highly recommended from friends of ours for whom had built on the same street as someone we could trust.  Peter’s quoting process is very comprehensive to minimise the risk of cost overruns. We even met with one of the key trades.  We much appreciated this honest and ‘upfront’ approach to costs by Peter rather than one where a builder underquotes , later trying to make it up with variations.
The build itself was not straightforward given the proximity of our neighbours, slope of the block, the sandstone ground, the architectural design and the strict planning conditions, including heritage considerations. We also expected a very high quality of workmanship given the investment we were making. It was important to us to have someone who is experienced in undertaking this type of building and Peter has a long track record in the area. The build was finished on time and barring some changes in specification and latent conditions, very close to budget.  Peter and the team often worked longer hours and Saturday’s to catch up where rain had delayed them.
Peter understands that for most people this is their first time building and that it is an enormous emotional and financial investment. With that in mind we appreciated his patient and considered approach.  He is a strong communicator and his experience is such that he knows where problems occur in the process always looking forward to try and avoid this by giving helpful advice and setting deadlines for decisions.  Knowing Peter had carefully planned to have things under control and where possible within budget helped take a lot of stress out of the process for us as did his strong collaboration with the architects.  His work through the defects period has been excellent to date.
Overall we are very happy with the job Peter and team did for us, the old dark house we bought has been transformed into a beautiful light filled family home which we know is high quality.  We’d like to thank Peter for all his work and his ethical approach. He has made this as easy as it could have been".

Sally & Scott, Lilyfield, March 2015

 " Peter did an extensive renovation to our home last year. We so loved working with him and his team and plan to work with him again in the future.Peter came highly recommended from a couple of friends, including our next door neighbours cheapest cialis 20mg uk. We were not disappointed. He was the only of the three builders we spoke to who gave a quote that had been fully costed. This was one of the fist things that impressed us and led to the price given being realistic. Peter is incredibly honest, communicates well, chooses contractors carefully and well, he is a great relationship builder and thinks long term.The workmanship of the finished job is excellent and Peter's attention to detail and insisting on finishing well was outstanding.One of the most impressive things about working with Peter was his ability to problem solve with us when the inevitable dilemmas did arrive. We loved his willingness to present several well explained solutions and work through with us the best answer.We were living upstairs whilst the renovation was going on downstairs. This did not always make the builders job simple but they were always incredibly respectful, tidy and patient. This meant a lot to us.He is a great builder and a very nice man and we would highly recommend him to anyone".

Emma and Clive, Balmain, March 2015

" We would like to thank you for helping us to rebuild our family home. This was a major event in our lives and without having you on board we are not sure that we would have got there. Thank you for your patience, the amazing work and as always doing your best to work with us to achieve the fantastic results".

Connie & James, Bondi October 2014

"Our architect introduced us to Peter Ginns of Genuine Building Services. By the end of our first meeting with Pete he had instilled in us a level of trust, honesty and confidence that grew and continued throughout the whole build. Pete and his whole team worked with us with a high level of professionalism, reliance and expertise, and demonstrated a dedication and commitment to our project that you would normally associate with people building their own home! Pete’s level of organisation and communication throughout the build including our detailed weekly site meetings, liaison with our architect, ordering and delivery of materials and quality control made the process so easy and stress-free for us. Pete was able to work within our budget and finished our project nearly a month ahead of schedule, in time for Christmas. We have absolutely no hesitation recommending Pete and his team at GBS to anyone considering a new build or renovation. We are still saying how lucky we were to find such a fantastic and “genuine” builder. "

Katy and Trevor, Leichhardt, September 2014

"From the moment Pete came over to quote on our renovation, we felt confident in his ability to build the extension we wanted.  Even before we had made our decision to go with Genuine Building Services, Pete’s advice was helpful and honest. Throughout the build, he kept us regularly informed of everything that was going on. The first weekend the roof was off our house, a massive storm hit.  Pete took time away from his family to come and check on our house, more than once. Pete’s time management and proactiveness made sure all important decisions we had to make were done well in advance of their due dates.  He kept us informed on all aspects of the build not only at our weekly meetings, but also by phone or email at other times if necessary.  On the few occasions that we weren’t available and a decision needed to be made, Pete understood what we wanted and would make it on our behalf.  We were always happy with his decisions. While some things didn’t go to plan, Pete’s problem solving skills made sure issues were sorted as soon as possible.  On the odd occasion when a mistake occurred, he would inform us straight away and ensure it was rectified to our satisfaction. When an issue arose with a recommended service provider, Pete took the time to research and source a more suitable company.  This took a lot of time and effort, as the service needed was a new council requirement. Pete’s communication with our neighbours ensured that they were always informed of any disruptions that may occur.  As someone who has had been a neighbour to other builds, this courtesy was never provided to us.  This reflects Pete’s professionalism and respect for the industry. Pete is honest, reliable and professional and this shows in the quality of his work. Having a young baby and renovating a house was going to be stressful, but Pete made the process as simple and as straight forward as possible.  We have already recommended him to friends and family and we will continue to do so until the day he retires. Pete was the right builder for us and our home.  If we ever build again, he will be our only choice."

Doug & Sana, Enmore, March 2014

Over the past three years I have worked with Peter Ginns of Genuine Building Services on five projects and have become confident in recommending his firm to provide a professional building service that delivers high quality build results within reasonable time and costs parameters. One of Peters key qualities to maintaining high quality and ensuring clients are satisfied with the results are his excellent communication abilities. Peter remains involved with each project and provides regular organised meetings with clients who become fully informed of their progress and any issues which require attention. This organised approach leads to early problem identification and developing solutions to keep the project running smoothly, which I and the owners fully appreciate. Since Peters building experience has involved many years of building on some architecturally challenging projects his level of knowledge is high and is therefore very helpful in resolving any details. Peter appears to enjoy being a builder and likes to be challenged with a degree complexity. Where complex details or shapes are required I can trust Peter to work out the solution which best suits the limitations. In my opinion, Peter’s ability to rise to building challenges and seek effective solutions makes him a higher level of builder"

Stuart Formosa, Architect, March 2014
"I run a small electrical business and I have sub-contracted to Peter Ginns & Genuine Building Services for approximately 6 years.To sum Peter up in a few words you would say he is the ultimate professional. He has a genuine passion for the building industry which drives him to always push for that little bit more. If a procedure or technique achieves a result which is good, then Peter asks, how can we make it great?

When I work with Peter, from quoting to hand over, I always know exactly what is expected from me. Peter’s communication between client, Architect and sub-contractor is outstanding. Every call is backed up by an email and subsequently a detailed list of instructions. This means that every request and expectation of the client is met down to the finest detail.Peter’s attention to detail both on and off the tools & his commitment to total customer satisfaction is rewarded with praise from his clients and ultimately constant referrals from those clients for many years after the project has been completed.I have worked for many different builders in my 20 years as an electrician & to work alongside Peter is rewarding and exciting. To see someone who cares about results and not just the bottom line gives me faith that the building industry is alive and well".

Wayne Hack, Electrician

"Having worked with Peter Ginns and Genuine Building Services for over four years and now completed eight projects together, I can recommend them without reservation. Genuine Building Services operate with integrity throughout each project. They diligently consider the clients' interests. Genuine Building Services offer a very high quality of construction and clearly have a desire to continually improve. As the projects have become increasingly complex, they have always demonstrated an ability to step up to the next level. All projects that I have undertaken with Genuine Building Services have run on time. Where rain delays are incurred they work within reason to maintain the original completion date. Furthermore, Genuine Building Services are not inclined to seek cost variations but rather attempt to resolve the issues that emerge via alternative means. These approaches significantly reduce the risk within each project. I look forward to working with Genuine Building Services on many projects into the future".

Andrew Burns, Architect

"Not many people can say that they enjoyed their renovation, but we did! Not only did Peter Ginns, his wonderful team at Genuine Building Services and all their professional tradesmen make our renovation a pleasureable experience, they also completed the project ahead of time. Peter Ginns is genuinely interested in doing the best job possible. He took our interests to heart, sought out cost-effective alternatives and delivered an incredibly high standard of workmanship. We love our "new" house and it has far exceeded out expectations. Peter Ginns is not just a builder, he is a superb project manager, great communicator and problem solver. He is someone who gets involved in all the details of your renovation and is passionate about the work. Peter is someone you trust with your project completely. I can't imagine doing a renovation with anyone else! Thank you everyone"

Alisa, Balmain

"Although our project was a modest one in scale and cost we were delighted by the outcome. Moreover, all of the team down to the most junior apprentice was courteous, polite and efficient. We were particularly impressed with the thoroughness of the workmanship and the way in which they kept a small site as clean and tidy as you could hope for. They also have an excellent stable of very good subcontractors. Finally all of the team are very friendly and cooperative"

"I retained Peter Ginns on the recommendation of an architect. It was put to me that Peter's work was

  •  Of a very high standard and quality
  •  Almost always delivered on time
  • If there were variations they were discussed and priced before proceeding so as to ensure approval of the Principal.

The recommendation was completely vindicated. Peter is an absolutely delightful guy. He proved to be accessible and cooperative. He was always at site inspections and demonstrated a capacity for problem solving when tricky construction situations arose. He was also most helpful in sourcing PC items and making practical suggestions about matters such as finishes. We encountered a damp problem which we had been warned might arise. Peter came up with a cost effective solution and critically a solution which has worked for us. Our renovation was of a 100 year + semi in Balmain which needless to say presented a myriad of challenges, particularly in relation to things such as the levels not being plumb. Peter and his team dealt with such situations practically and efficiently.

What was particularly pleasing was that he clearly had good relations with his own staff and sub contractors which meant that the renovation process was remarkably painless.

I have referred Peter to friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so."

Bill, Balmain 

"A BIG thank you for doing such an excellent job with our home and for all of your advice, support and patience throughout the process. Your commitment to delivering a high standard, to achieving what we wanted and within our budget did not go unnoticed and was very much appreciated. We are so happy to have had your team work on our home and hope one day we will be able to work with you and your team again"

Yvette, Coogee   

"Peter and the Genuine Building Services team were a pleasure to work with from the initial quotation through to the handover of the completed renovation.During the quotation process Peter offered good alternatives and solutions to help minimise costs without compromising on the result. Following on, during construction the team were very proactive in offering solutions and suggesting options when we encountered the unforeseeable problems which are invariably a part of any renovation, especially when dealing with an old house. Living in a high density area with closely built terraces and houses the team also managed the relationships with our neighbours tactfully and professionally - they won everyone over. We love our extension and really enjoyed working with Genuine Building Services"

Kate and Jonathan, Alexandria

"I wish the entire Genuine Building team lots more success and a big thank you again for building such a wonderful home for us. If I didn’t love the location and the house so much I would sell and build again with you guys as I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. The genuine building team made our renovation a really stress free experience".

Lisa, Rose Bay

"Please pass on my thanks fo Peter, Hamish, Pat and Tyrone for a job well done, I couldn't have been happier with how it all went and will definitely recommend Genuine Building Services to friends and family."

Lynne, Neutral Bay

"It's hard to describe Peter Ginns wihtout using the word "genuine". He is a great builder and a wonderful man who tries very hard to save you money. And he did save us money, but most importantly he made the entire project a pleasure."

Jane, Darlinghurst