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Newtown terrace

This property was a single storey two bedroom terrace in very poor condition, with some very old existing tack on extensions that had been added throughout the years.

There was no natural light to the rear part of house and the property had significant rising damp problems.

All the internal render was falling off and cracking due to the rising damp problems. The rear tack on extensions were demolished, as well as several internal walls, leaving the front two bedroom walls intact (but stripping and re-applying the render to these walls). An open plan kitchen/living room was created, as well as a new bathroom on the ground floor. A second level was constructed which included an additional bedroom and ensuite.

This was an architecturally managed job which managed to ensure the heritage of the building externally, whilst creating a very modern internal look with clean lines and square finishes.

As with many properties in the inner west graffiti was a problem (especially in a situation such as this residence, where the side of the property is facing a laneway).

Anti-graffiti paint was used on the external walls of the property, and has been a success in keeping the property graffiti free.

Exterior before renovation
Interior after renovation
Kitchen after renovation
Bathroom after renovation
Exterior after renovation