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Bondi semi-detached

This project was a full renovation and first floor addition to a semi-detached residence in Bondi where the house had not been touched since it had been built.

There were site issues with access, storage and parking and all demolition and building materials had to be taken into and out of the site by hand. Nearly all of the internal walls were removed during the demolition process to open the area into one open plan space.

A combination of hebel and polystyrene foam was used for a lightweight external cladding which still gave the appearance of bricks, whilst achieving a higher fire rating.

One of the challenges was the number of individuals involved in the design and make up of the house which meant that the design continually evolved.

There was an architect as a consultant, an interior designer and the clients whom were very involved with the whole process. All of the professionals and clients worked very well together on this project enabling the project to run smoothly ensuring a truly exceptional transformation.

Rear exterior before renovation
Rear exterior after renovation
Kitchen / Dining room after renovation
Living room after renovation
Bathroom after renovation
Carport after renovation