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Balmain Freestanding Federation cottage

This project was a two storey, four bedroom freestanding Federation cottage that had a large kitchen positioned in the middle of the house.

Access to the small deck and garden was difficult due to an oddly designed living room and laundry.

The clients wanted more space and a better connection with the outdoor area, but not at the cost of their garden. Genuine Building Services worked closely with architect Andrew Burns on this project which involved simplifying the layout to make the most of the full width of the house.

A new smaller, but very functional kitchen was designed also and these changes provided the opportunity for more storage as well as acting as a means of increasing the natural light.

The new open space provided plenty of room for dining and living areas and the deck was extended to make it a more appealing and useable part of the house. The height of the ceiling was raised significantly from 2.4m to 3.6m high which gave the sense of a lot more room without adding more floor space.

The five and a half month building process ran smoothly, largely because of good preparation work and good team work between the clients, architect and builder.

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Photography ©Brett Boardman Photography

Rear exterior after renovation
Rear exterior after renovation
Kitchen, Dining and Living room after renovation
Kitchen, Dining and Living room after renovation
Internal hallway after renovation
Bathroom after renovation
Loungeroom after renovation
Frontage after renovation